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consultant for nonprofits and small businesses

Move Your Organization to Center Stage.

Transformative Strategies and Messaging.

Nonprofits. Colleges. Small Businesses.

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Why the Ashford Agency?

A Trusted Partner for Your Life's Work

We understand the challenges. Leadership is a complex and demanding enterprise, and it can be lonely at the top. But no leader should have to go it alone. That's why we help leaders and organizations rise to the challenge, navigate uncertainty, and achieve their mission.

We offer custom-built solutions. With our client-centered approach, we tailor each engagement around our client's unique needs, avoiding the cookie-cutter approach of larger agencies.

We have skin in the game. As a boutique firm, we succeed only when you do. That's why  we are able to provide solutions with unprecedented value, reliability, and efficiency.

Ready to win? Partner with us to rise above your challenges, find growth, and achieve your mission.

Leadership Solutions

No leader should have to go it alone. That’s why we help leaders hone their organization’s vision, mission and guiding principles; align their organization accordingly; determine the critical actions that will propel them forward; expand their leadership platform; and tell their organization’s story in a way that draws people in and spurs them to action.

Marketing & Visibility Solutions

No organization should suffer from low visibility when, in fact, it offers high value. That’s why we help leaders raise their organization’s visibility, enhance their messaging, increase their subscription list, elevate their website traffic, and motivate their constituents to act.

Faith & Values Solutions

No leader should be left unprepared for the challenges of our polarized age. That’s why we help leaders build effective strategies to achieve long-term cultural influence, communicate successfully with regard to hot-button issues, and create simple but effective crisis communication plans.

Thought Leadership 

You became the leader of a values-driven organization because you have something to say. Something valuable. That's why we help you find and fine-tune your message. So you can get the attention of your target publics. We ghostwrite books and articles; build social media strategies; and help you gain radio, television, and podcast opportunities.

Full-Service Writing & Editing

Few organizations are readily able to create all the content necessary for optimal success. That’s why we provide full-service writing and editing for print books, e-books, websites, lead generators, press releases, public talks, research documents, and other material.

Brand Storytelling

Many of the best organizations offer tremendous value to society but their visibility doesn't come close to matching their value. That’s why we help leaders and organizations find and fine-tune their stories. So that people lean in rather than tune out.

The Plan

consultant for nonprofits and small businesses


Schedule a Free Consultation

Tell me where it hurts. We arrange a 30-minute phone consultation to talk about your organization, your goals, your challenges. No sales pitch. No pressure.


Take a Slightly Deeper Dive

If we're a fit, I'll recommend a 1-2 hour consultation via video or in-person. We'll take a deeper look into your current challenges . Yes, there's a fee but it pays for itself.


Choose Your Path and Enjoy Peace of Mind

Once we've completed the slightly deeper dive, I will suggest a path forward and you can either hire me or do it yourself.

"Bruce Ashford has worked with our senior leadership team and the Board to build out our statement of faith, create strategies for long-term cultural influence, provide solutions on hot-button faith and culture issues, and generate effective internal and external messaging on those issues. We have and continue to benefit from his expertise, wisdom in navigating challenging issues, and proficiency in creating high quality content.”

James Ackermann

(CEO, Prison Fellowship)

Mark Bentley

I acquired a business that was in decline post-COVID. Bruce helped us reevaluate our messaging to better reach our target market and we instantly added new excitement to our vision."
CEO, Forever & Company

Heath Placek

At a crucial inflection point for our organization, The Ashford Agency helped us develop an intelligent, aggressive, and efficient messaging strategy for our donor development efforts."
-Executive Director, Guided Impact Foundation

Rob Pacienza

Our church desired to launch a national initiative. The Ashford Agency helped us make an immediate impact. "
-Pastor, Coral Ridge Presbyterian

Ask yourself, are you struggling with...

  • Slow Growth or Stagnation? We'll help you align your leadership, marketing, and sales/recruitment strategies to achieve your goals.

  • Complexity and Lack of Clarity? We'll help you gain clarity and focus, align the organization, and make the critical decisions necessary to move the needle.

  • Unfocused Communication Strategy? We'll help you develop a smart, aggressive, and effective messaging strategy that reaches out, grabs your audience by the hand, and draws them in.

  • Insufficient Website Traction? We'll refine your website messaging in a way that draws the reader in and drives them to action. 

  • Ineffective Faith and Values Messaging? We'll help you communicate your faith-based or values-oriented message in a way that causes the audience to tune in rather than lean out. 

  • Inadequate Content Creation? We'll create content that sizzles--including books, e-books, articles, email campaigns, speeches, and press releases.

  • An Unclear Path toward Thought Leadership?  We'll help you leverage your industry expertise into a platform so you become a recognized thought leader whose public presence builds trust in your organization.

... If so, don’t settle! The lack of a clear path forward may already be costing you a great deal. Schedule a free consult today and

see how we can help. 

A Few of Our Happy Clients

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